Total Ginsenosides (5.00%-70.00%)


Plant source: The dry roots and rhizomes of Panax notoginseng ( Burk. ) F. H. Chen

Appearance: Brown yellow powder (5%,10%,20%,50%),Light yellow powder (60%,70%)

Assay Test method: HPLC external standard method(Total Ginsenosides calculated as the sum of notoginsenoside R1, ginsenoside Rg1, ginsenoside Re, ginsenoside Rb1, and ginsenoside Rd)

Other Inspection item:

TLC Positive
Loss on drying ≤ 1.00-5.00%
Ash ≤ 1.00-5.00%
Mesh Size 95% pass 80 mesh
Arsenic (MDL0.05) ≤ 1.5ppm
Lead (MDL0.02) ≤ 5.0ppm
Cadmium (MDL0.02) ≤ 0.3ppm
Mercury (MDL0.005) ≤ 0.1ppm
Total plate count ≤ 1000cfu/g
Mould&Yeast ≤ 100cfu/g
E.Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative

The Characteristic of Chengdu King-tiger Panax notoginseng Extract:

1: HPLC detection, Higher detection accuracy.

2: 100% Panax notoginseng Extract:in addition to contain Ginsenosides, also contain natural ingredients of Panax notoginseng , such as Polysaccharides, Flavone etc.

3: High quality Panax notoginseng extract:
A. PAHs conform to EU standard(Benzo(a)pyrene NMT 15ppb, PAH 4 NMT 50ppb).
B. Pesticide residues conform to Regulation(EC)No.396/2005.
C. Non-Irradiated.
D. ETO Free.

4: All specifications can be provided from stock in large quantity at any time.

5: Regularly send for third-party testing.

Third-party PAHs Report

Third-party Mycotoxins Report

Pesticide Residues Meet USP Standards And EU Standards

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